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Differences between OEM, Imitation and Original

Posted On November 14, 2017 at 5:15 pm by / Comments Off on Differences between OEM, Imitation and Original

Many people confused ‘OEM’ with imitations. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning they are the factory that produces the same model for varies equipment of different branding. Imitations are products from manufacturers that tries to copy from the original product, they tend to have inferior quality and weaker performance.

There are many OEMs in scooter market. For instance, Minimotor’s Speedway Mini has about 3 to 4 OEMs; Our Speedelec Mini, Passion Mini, Speed Assassin Mini and so on. The components are all identical, some was even assembled at the same assembly. The main reason why these OEMs are cheaper than the original is because these rebranded scooter does not need to pay Minimotor copyright fee and thus they have lower cost price.

Imitations on the hand could look totally different. The shape of the scooter may look similar, but when you observe the details, you can find many differences that differentiates an imitation from OEMs and originals.

Here are few points that you can take note:
Tires – Most reputable brands use good quality tires, such as Kenda and CST while imitation uses inferior quality tires to minimize the cost

The following is a CST 2.5 10 Inch Tire, it consists of 4 PLY (4 layers), and is often marked in Red/Green lines.

The following is a non-branded 2.5 10 Inch tire. Not because this tire is bad, but if you compared with a CST 4PLY, CST would win hands down in terms of quality.


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