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Comparison between DYU and Inmotion P1F

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DYU Versus Inmotion P1F

P1F was released in year 2016, it was one of the first ergonomic design e-scooter in the market. It was fairly popular for it’s compact dimension and weight.

Now, with DYU released in the market, consumers will have to do a comparison between these two ergonomic scooters before putting their money down on one of them.

This article will compare the pros and cons of these two scooter, and hopefully it helps you in making a better decision.


Judging from the product photo, you can find many similarities in the design between DYU and Inmotion P1F. The way they design their handlebar, seat post and the general look of the scooter, it all boils down to the word “ergonomic”. Ergonomic simply means relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Don’t judge the book by it’s cover; you may think that you may look like an awkward Giant riding on it, but the true fact is that it’s comfortable and it is designed for Asian builds. As long as you’re under 1.85M in height, you will have no problems with either of the above two scooters.

Going into detail, let’s take a look at the handlebars. The handlebar are fairly similar, comfortable and feels like riding a bicycle. Stability is good for this design. Similarly for the seat, they are pretty standard, and it can be changed to other bicycle seat post thanks to the generic seat mounting.

One point to note is the foot rest. Foot rest on DYU and Inmotion P1F is installed on difference places. We felt that installing the foot rest on the front wheel for P1F that is very wrong. There are two dangerous factors when foot rest is on the front wheel. Firstly, when you maneuver, your foot will have to move in the same direction, it could result in soreness on ankle. Secondly, when you turn your wheels and if your feet is unable to coordinate with the wheel together,  there is a risk of of your feet stuck in the wheel, and if you’re going at fast speed, the high RPM may cause serious injury to your feet. On the other hand, we felt that the foot rest design on DYU is more ‘humane’, having foot rest at the center of gravity helps rider to balance and turn in corners.

Wheel Size

Wheel size is important for any device with wheels. Generally bigger wheels would be equivalent to a more stable ride, along with other considering factors such as tire material and width. For the Inmotion P1F, front wheel has the same diameter as DYU. As for the rear motor, DYU is 12 inch while Inmotion P1F is 10 inch. Both are pneumatic wheels, which gives good damping over uneven terrains. Bigger is always better in this case.


DYU and Inmotion P1F is moderately on par on paper specification, with DYU  slightly heavier, probably due to larger battery capacity and wheel size. We advise customer do not simply make their decision based on paper specifications because actual performance could differ. Both of these two devices runs on 36V battery system, giving reasonable torque and power. If weight matters to you, DYU ergonomic scooter has another lighter, standard version, weighing at only 12.5KG, with only one rear disc brake and a battery capacity of LG 4.4AH. The standard version travels about 15-20KM per full charge.


It’s right to compare these two if you are deciding to get a scooter that is compact and portable, yet is capable of traveling at least 25KM in distance. Comparing these two scooters are akin to comparing iPhones. Inmotion P1F being the older generation and DYU ergonomic scooter being the latest successor to it. DYU posses all the plus points the Inmotion P1F lacked of. From the design of ergonomic feature such as hand carry handle and foot rest, a thoughtful design to accommodate the needs of the riders, to the mobile application of the scooter, enabling riders to lock their DYU scooter while leaving it unattended so nobody have access to the scooter. It’s the right combination of technology and engineering that made the DYU electric scooter a better choice over Inmotion P1F.

Purchasing your scooter

Always bare in mind that there are parallel importers everywhere. Do your research and approach the right retailers to get your purchase. There are only two retailers in Singapore that officially distributes DYU ergonomic scooter; Kernel Scooter and Falcon PEV. Only scooters purchased from these two places would be able to access to genuine support and services from original supplier and factory.

Parallel importers’ sales tactic is to sell you at lower market price and asks you to top up extra cash for extended warranty. They may also replace faulty components with inauthentic, poor quality parts for repair and services. However, if you get your set from authorized distributors, you will get to enjoy 12 months of warranty covering your battery and motor etc. Buy with a safe mind, do not risk yourself and your ride with that small savings, definitely not worth it.

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